Sunday, August 10, 2008

My lungs are now officially walnut-sized.

It all became so clear to me this week, when I was sitting peacefully in my office, chatting on the phone and suddenly realized that I was actually slightly out of breath. Being an asthmatic, that's not a totally new feeling for me, except that it usually doesn't strike when you've been sitting in a chair for hours with no allergy symptoms or cold weather or anything to trigger it. Huh. It's a little embarrassing to be panting on a conference call, but if people can't be understanding at this point I honestly can't be arsed to explain anymore. I've fully been wearing flip flops to work all week too - feet having swollen to twice their normal size - but if I'm not going to exploit my sad condition now, when will I?? I mean, I'm still waiting for someone to offer me car service into work in the mornings, and yet nothing. Inconsiderate bastards!

I have three weeks of work left and oh, what a comforting thought that is. Aside from the physical annoyances, I just feel like the psychological break is so needed . . . just to have a bit of time to be my own little individual human unit before chaos is unleashed. Part of me can't wait to get this parenthood thing started already, but thinking rationally, the nine month waiting period makes sense! Presumably to make sure that by the end you're really, really, REALLY ready! Next time I'm going to plan this whole nesting thing a little better . . . maybe with a late fall baby, or early spring due date. Something seems a lot more right about settling into domesticity in order to welcome new life at that point, you know? Instead, I fear I'll be stuck indoors, draped over the air conditioner until Oprah's on.

Switching gears for a second - for those of you who kindly inquire after Tommy (our client on death row in Alabama - some great developments on that front. The Alabama Supreme Court granted us a stay after of all things, an inmate in another institution came forward claiming that he committed the murder that Tommy was convicted of. If I'm lying, I'm dying. As I've said a million times in total disbelief, you can't make this stuff up! We can't say where this will all go, as that Court hasn't given any instructions on what they want at this point (such as a hearing, DNA testing, whatever), but where there is life, there is hope. I'm so proud of my Team Tommy!!