Saturday, June 30, 2007

I've said it before and I'll say it again

I'm a shitty blogger. Don't judge me, I have an excuse, and I won't even patronize you by saying I've been too busy. I've just been too boring. The whole point of the blog was to share the fabulousness of my NYC lifestyle. Well, small obstacle in that my lifestyle ain't so fabulous. It's pretty much exactly the same life that every other normal person in the country lives, except with more work, more tedium and it's more expensive.

Okay, I'm exaggerating a leetle. It's been a busier summer than I expected it to be and this month Josh and I both had to travel on business and then went home to Toronto for a few days, but it's not like we've had no fun. The summer associates are here, which is pretty awesome. All the major NY law firms, investment banks, consulting firms, etc, hire summer interns as a recruiting tactic. They are expected to do some work, but mostly, we bring them over from all over the world to spend millions of dollars on them in desperate hope that they will neglect to notice the pale, pudgy, demoralized faces of the "real" associates who work at the firm and
decide to join the firm full time once they graduate from law school because it is just sew, sew fabulous to be a NY lawyer.

Okay, I'm being bitter again. Point being that with the summer associates come summer budgets to do things like eat at the swankiest restaurants, drink at the snootiest bars and manicure and pedicure ourselves to death. I've been on a healthy diet of a mani/pedi a week, checking out all the city's spas, and billing it to the firm. Life could probably be worse. Maybe.

Other than that, we've had the regular rout of social engagements and shopping and dog-centered activities that make up our life. I had a dinner party for Monsieur le French Chef et sa femme! I think it went pretty well, although clearly nothing close to his calibre of stupendousness. Before that I had a girls' brunch at my place and got totally tanked by 11am, which is always a good time. Going home to Toronto for my brother's graduation was lovely - I met my little half-sister for the first time.

More than anything I've found myself longing for a more domestic existence, though. I'm home so little and I love my home so much - my pets and my hubby and my books and my kitchen and my TV! This 700 square foot place is my favourite place to be on the weekends, which contributes a lot to my lame existence, but I can't regret it too much. We're thinking seriously about buying a place here but that raises so many serious questions about ourselves and our future that I usually get too frustrated and put it out of mind. Like, do we want to commit to a small condo in the city, and thereby commit to an insane mortgage that will force me to work at a really high paying and possibly miserable job for years and years? Or, should we move out of the city, spend a little less, but commit to a soul-crushing commute? Do we even want to live in NY for a few more years at all?

See what I mean? This isn't entertainment, it's mindless rumination. Sorry to disappoint! I promise to be back soon with some fun times. Maybe even a pic or two!