Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why can't you people take a joke??

NBC just ran a couple of spoof public service ads during Will & Grace and they were totally hysterical...for people with more sense than a grasshopper I guess. It featured actors from The Office - Pam and Ryan - doing those "The More You Know" bits. Pam encouraged people to keep the information cards from wedding invitations rather than call the bride three days before the wedding, while Ryan insisted that 5'8" is not short for a man - check your almanac. Hee-larious!

Do you need to actually watch the show to get that those are supposed to be funny? Someone on my favourite message board just complained that those were hardly public service announcements, more like trivia! Oy.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back with something to say!

I couldn't tolerate Josh's mocking me for having a lame blog. I can't imagine it'll be a lot cooler at the end of this post but it won't be so embarassingly bare.

Today's pretty momentous, in that it's a day that occurs every few months at my house. Josh and I are "dieting", which generally means that for a couple of weeks we won't order takeout or go out for dinner. At least not until the weekend. Tonight's meal is fish - salmon - which Josh makes a big deal of hating but I think he secretly likes. It's getting impossible to keep making dishes that he likes, that are still low fat, fairly easy to prepare and not extremely expensive. He's a darling man, tidies all the time, in fact picks up after me, but he can't cook and has no imagination for new dishes. But of course he likes food and is critical of a whole bunch of things I like! Fish, curry, soup, "ethnic" food and the like.

Will return with update on results!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's a little embarassing to think I'm actually jumping on the blogging bandwagon at this late date. So two years ago and all that. But I figure I spend enough time on line that I must have something to contribute. And I like to talk. I lurve it, in fact. I know my husband is going to say it's "so gay" but I'll bet he bookmarks it.

More to come.